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Beautiful Websites

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Marketers risk missing out on potential mobile shoppers.

Marketers risk missing out on potential mobile shoppers.

Marketers who rely on demographics alone risk missing out on potential mobile shoppers.

Think With Google

Why Consumer Intent Is More Powerful Than Demographics

Written by Lisa Gevelber,
Think with Google

Marketers who rely only on demographics to reach consumers risk missing more than 70% of potential mobile shoppers. Why? Because demographics rarely tell the whole story. Understanding consumer intent is much more powerful. Lisa Gevelber, Google’s VP of marketing, shares how starting with intent can help you reach more of the right people than demographics alone.

For years, we as marketers have been using demographics as a proxy for people who might be interested in our products. But our research shows that marketers who try to reach their audience solely on demographics risk missing more than 70% of potential mobile shoppers.1 Why? Because demographics don’t help us understand what we really need to know—what consumers are looking for in an exact moment or where they are looking to find it. Intent beats identity. Immediacy trumps loyalty. When someone has a want or need, they turn to their smartphone for help—whether it’s a karate newbie watching an expert do a move on YouTube or a mom looking for the best deal on a pair of sneakers. When a need arises, people turn to search and YouTube to look for answers, discover new things, and make decisions. We call these intent-filled moments, micro-moments. And they’re the best opportunity marketers have to connect with people at the exact moment they are looking for something. Understanding consumer intent and meeting their needs in the moment are the keys to winning more hearts, minds, and dollars. – Read full article